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Overcoming Frequent Cough & Cold Symptoms

Catching a cold isn’t so much about the spread of infection, but more about the strength and resilience of our immune system. Stress is well known to be a factor in lowering the immune response as it raises cortisol levels which affect the body’s immune function.

This leads to increased bouts of:

• Cough
• Cold
• Fever & Body Aches
• Sore Throat
• Tonsillitis
• Flu
• Sinusitis
• And other illness, including more serious diseases

Where there is a robust immune system, the body is efficient at throwing off pathogens and either no or very few ill-effects are experienced.

Are you experiencing frequent bouts of cough, cold, sore throat or flu-like symptoms? Treatments offered at Nicky’s clinic are aimed at rebalancing the system and increasing resilience to common infections.

Some acupuncture points are used to help alleviate symptoms of cough, blocked up nose or sore throat, whilst other points are used to support the immune system or to move energy where it has become blocked through periods of physical and mental tension. Acupuncture is known to have a remarkably relaxing affect which is helpful for people who are feeling stressed

Also known to be relaxing or stimulating for the system. Being more relaxed and taking time for ourselves helps us to deal with stressful situations. Massage, can help relieve physical symptoms like blocked nose and sinuses

Suction Cupping
Used in either an acupuncture or massage treatment. Cupping improves overall health by increasing the flow of energy, circulation of blood and releasing mucous from the lungs.

Moxibustion (a herb used in Chinese Medicine which is burnt around acupuncture points)
Used on specific points to help promote the immune system. Can be used with or without acupuncture.

Nutritional Planning
Optimising nutritional intake in order to support the immune sy

Top up or seasonal treatments
Once health has improved, returning periodically for treatment can help keep coughs, cold, flu and tonsillitis at bay during those Winter months

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