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Services & Treatment Fees

First appointment (2 hours) - £52.00
Follow up appointments (1 hour) - £42.00
Moxibustion, cupping, LED lights or massage may be used as part of an acupuncture treatment.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
Single treatments (1.5 hours) - £65.00
Course of 6 treatments - £330.00

Massage Treatments

Full Body Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage (1 hour) - £50.00

Full Body with Cupping & LED Lights (see LED Light & Cupping benefits below) (1 hour 15 mins) - £60.00

Back/Neck/Shoulder (30 mins) - £25.00

Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage with Cupping and LED lights (see LED Light and Cupping benefits below) (45 mins) - £30.00

Arthritis Relief Treatment for Hands or Feet warm paraffin wax, LED Lights and massage or acupuncture. (see LED light benefits below) (1 hour) - £40.00

Thai Style Foot/Lower Leg Massage foot soak with alpine herb soak and relaxing massage. (approx 45 mins) - £30.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage prices vary depending on area involved and length of time.

Facial Treatment – cleanse, exfoliation, massage using acupressure pressure points and LED light treatment (see LED light benefits below). A lovely treatment on its own or between Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture treatments. (approx. 1 hour) - £35.00

Acne Facial Treatment – cleanse, mask, light massage using natural products specifically for acne, plus LED Light treatment (see LED light benefits below). (approx 1 hour) - £35.00

LED Light Treatment Single - £9.00 or Course of 6 - £50.00

Food Intolerance Testing/Nutritional Planning
Approx 1 hour - £40.00
It is not uncommon these days for people to experience digestive problems such as bloating, excess flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, irregular bowel habits, nausea, heartburn etc. Such symptoms indicate that something is not quite right in the digestive system.
The food we eat and the ability of our digestive system to break down and distribute nutrients to all cells in the body, is extremely important. If food isn’t properly digested and processed, our cells cannot make full use of its vital nutrients.
Food intolerance is not necessarily the same as being allergic to a food but it does mean that the system is struggling to digest and absorb what it needs. Since our food provides nutrients to the whole of the body, all systems in the body can be affected by poorly functioning digestion or poor dietary habits – nervous system, circulation, respiration, glands, skin and so on…
Food Intolerance Testing can help to pin-point foods that could be contributing to unwanted digestive symptoms or indeed other symptoms in the body. It can also identify any vitamin or mineral deficiency (which tends to go hand-in-hand with intolerances). An individual programme can then be drawn up to assist you in returning to better health and vitality.

LED Light therapy (red, blue & infra-red lights) - known to positively affect cells, via absorption through the skin, by aiding the function of tiny organelles within each cell. LED’s increase the circulation in the tiny blood vessels (capilliaries) by promoting improvement in the metabolism of nitric oxide (NO). This allows for improved formation of new capillaries, providing increased oxygen and nutrients to accelerate natural tissue healing, as well as evoking a cascade of beneficial biochemical processes.
Red lights have been shown to stimulate collagen. Blue lights are beneficial for skin conditions. Infra-red light is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and is helpful for pain relief. Here are some of the benefits -
relax muscles - reduce nerve excitability - stimulate nerve transmission - reduce scar tissue - stimulate wound healing - stimulate collagen production - aids immune system - reduce pain - mood elevation - reduce inflammation and swelling in chronic arthritis and tendonitis - repair of connective tissue - sprains - swellings - and much, much more
Suction Cupping - It is said in Chinese Medicine, that where there is stagnation (congestion) there is also pain. If the stagnation is removed the pain is relieved. Suction or Fire Cupping is a method used to aid in breaking up blockages and restoring a natural flow of energy.
Cupping can be used alongside acupuncture or within massage treatments. It can help to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow and therefore bring relief from muscular pain.