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Treatment Fees

Acupuncture (Any Type)
First appointment (2 hours) - £50.00
Follow up appointments - £42.00

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
Initial consultation - £25.00 (deducted from cost of first treatment)
Single treatments - £70.00
Course of 6 treatments - £390.00

Food Intolerance Testing plus vitamin & mineral deficiency testing

Massage treatments

Facial treatment cleanse, exfoliation, massage and LED Light treatment – (approx 1 hour) - £36.00

Back massage with cupping – the use of cups in this massage helps to bring blood and energy to the tissues and so encourage healing. Cups also stimulate important acupuncture points which run along the spine. Relaxing, rebalancing, unblocking. Back massage with cupping – (45 mins) - £30.00

Back massage with cupping and LED Light Treatment – (approx 1 hour) - £40.00

Single LED Light Treatment – £15.00 or course of six £80.00

Foot/lower leg massage – foot soak with alpine herb soak and relaxing massage. Foot massage – (45 mins) - £30.00

Thai Foot Massage – foot soak with alpine herbs & Thai Foot massage – (approx 1 hour 10 mins) £38

Gift vouchers available.

Nicola does not wish to exclude any patient on the grounds of cost. Please call for a chat if you would like to have treatment but have concerns about cost.