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Food Intolerance Testing

Food intolerances can produce many symptoms – not just the ones we usually associate with them like bloating, wind, constipation or diarrhoea.

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, in his book, Fire in the Belly, notes that virtually any system in the body can be affected by the food we eat. An example – if food isn’t properly digested and processed it will not be in its correct state for our cells to be able to absorb it (this may be because we are intolerant of that food). If cells don’t get all the nutrients they need they will not function well. So, a nerve cell which is not getting all it needs may give symptoms of numbness, tingling, pain, involuntary movement and others. Hence, the nervous system is showing signs of stress although the problem may have originated in the gut. It is true that a healthy gut is essential to a well functioning and healthy body.

Unfortunately, in order to feed the population, food is now intensively farmed and mass produced. It has been messed about with in order to make it grow quicker or to resist certain pests etc. This messing about with foods means that our systems do not always recognise components of some foods because they are not so natural, and they are more difficult to digest. Over time, our systems get weakened by trying to process these difficult to digest foods. Add to this the other factors of our busy lives like eating at our desks, eating in a hurry, poorly combined foods, eating late at night and any drugs we may take, it is not really surprising that our systems have become stressed and weakened – giving rise to almost any symptom.

Many people find it difficult to accept that foods we eat every day may be the cause of our problems, however it is precisely because we regularly eat these same types of foods and much of it is processed, that the problems arise.

The food intolerance test can help to pin-point foods that could be contributing to your symptoms. It can also identify any vitamin or mineral deficiency (which tend to go hand-in-hand with intolerances). An individual programme can then be drawn up to assist you in returning to better health and vitality.