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LED Light Therapy

Nicola uses the In Light Wellness System. The manufacturers of this system have led the way for over 25 years with technological products that have helped thousands of people.

The Science Bit, in brief.
Light therapy – the use of light waves at just the right wavelength to positively affect cells. Light is absorbed through the skin and this facilitates its metabolic functions. Cells are regulated by mitochondria (organelles within cells), and these are responsible for cell growth, communication and differentiation as well as generating adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides the energy for cells to function properly and remain alive.
Light therapy increases the circulation in the tiny blood vessels (capilliaries) by promoting improvement in the metabolism of nitric oxide (NO). This allows for improved regulation of vasodilation and so formation of new capillaries. In turn, this provides more oxygen and nutrients to accelerate natural tissue healing, eventually evoking a cascade of beneficial biochemical processes.

  • LED light therapy has been found to increase ATP – which means greater energy for the cells.
  • Increase in RNA and DNA synthesis – essential for producing ATP and cell repair.
  • Stimulation of connective tissue that secrets collagen (needed for wound repair) and elastic fibers.
  • Increase in vascularity (blood vessels).
  • Increase in lymphatic drainage (needed to carry away bacteria, viruses and cancer cells).
  • Increase in phagocytosis – a process of mopping up of bacteria and waste in the blood stream.

The Benefits

relax muscles - reduce nerve excitability - stimulate nerve transmission - reduce scar tissue - stimulate wound healing - relieve oedema and associated discomfort - stimulate collagen production - aids immune system - reduce pain - mood elevation - increase resilience to stress - reduce inflammation and swelling in chronic arthritis and tendonitis - repair of connective tissue - sprains - swellings - tight muscles - and much, much more

Nicola uses LED Light Therapy to enhance the effects of cosmetic facial treatments and generally with her acupuncture patients, where indicated. She also offers it as part of a massage treatment or as a stand-alone treatment.