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Overcoming Tiredness, Fatigue & Low Energy

Tiredness and low energy could be due to factors such as stress, overwork, busy lifestyle or lack of rest and sleep. But, poor diet, a weak digestive system, worry or other emotional problems can also take a toll on our energy levels.

At her clinic in Thorpe Bay, Nicola Fielding offers a range of treatments to get you back on a more energetic pathway.

Different acupuncture points have different functions but in general they help to either create movement of energy in the body where there is blockage (physical or emotional) or tonify systems that are weaker.

Is well known for it’s relaxing, invigorating or pain-relieving affects. Suction cupping may also be applied to encourage muscle relaxation. Cupping improves overall health by increasing the flow of energy and circulation of blood.

Moxibustion (a herb used in Chinese Medicine which is burnt around acupuncture points)
Can help to increase energy flow and strengthen organs, so helping with symptoms of fatigue. Can be used with or without acupuncture

Optimising Diet Testing
Helps to identify foods that the body may have difficulty in processing. Our food gives us vitality for our daily living, but where the system may be struggling to process certain foods, their nutrients may not be fully absorbed and so it makes sense that this detracts from our energy levels. Optimising nutritional intake by eating foods that are suitable for us, is an important factor in helping to combat tiredness and fatigue.

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